The Set List

Off the back of last year’s success, our Innovation Stage and Themed Streams are back with a bang! Gone are the days of vast, soulless expos – it’s time to experience a new way of networking.

We’re ushering in a new era with a content-rich, networking-packed and fun-filled one-day experience for senior retail leaders and their teams to engage with solution providers that are walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

The Innovation Stage

The Innovation Stage is the focal point for our inspirational, innovation-focused sessions. From building innovation-driven cultures to leveraging emerging technologies, from the dos and don’ts of digital transformation to preparing for the customer of the future, the Innovation Stage is your go-to for hearing the latest insights from cutting edge retailers and brands. This stage is open to all RetailJam attendees.

Complimenting The Innovation stage content, over the course of the day you’ll take part in roundtable sessions, demos and structured networking across our four Hives…

Choose your Hive:

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Hive is built for those at the forefront of their organisation’s customer acquisition strategy. Against a backdrop of reduced budgets but increased expectations, our content is designed to equip you with the latest insights into how to leverage new technologies, techniques and tools to attract and retain customers, while maximising your ROI on marketing spend.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Hive is designed to inform and inspire leaders who are connecting the many dots of CX in an increasingly complex, omnichannel world. With an ever-expectant consumer, this cohort looks at how to create a smooth, consistent and enjoyable experience for your customers. Every single time.

Technology & eCommerce

The Technology & eCommerce Hive is designed for technologists grappling with conflicting priorities and challenges: limitations caused by legacy systems, the clamour to leverage emerging technologies, an increasingly demanding customer, the spotlight on tech spend and ROI, and increasing buzz around the metaverse.


The Sustainability Hive is a unique exchange that you will not find anywhere else. Facilitated by a cohort of speakers that are B Corp certified, on the B Corp journey or represent larger legacy organisations who are making significant moves in the sustainability sphere, the Sustainability cohort is designed to inspire you to start or accelerate your own sustainability strategy through candid conversations and collaborations.