The big picture matters, but so do the details. And that’s where our Hives come in. The topic-specific Hives allow you to engage in 2-way conversations with senior peers to brainstorm and overcome the challenges that most impact your job function.

Hive members will benefit from:

  • Dynamic roundtable discussions resulting in a plethora of real world ideas to experiment with in your own organisation.
  • Deep-dive workshops sharing practical, tried-and-tested roadmaps to tackle your next big challenge

What is the Sustainability Hive?

The Sustainability Hive is a unique exchange that you will not find anywhere else. Facilitated by a cohort of speakers that are B Corp certified, on the B Corp journey or represent larger legacy organisations who are making significant moves in the sustainability sphere, the Sustainability cohort is designed to inspire you to start or accelerate your own sustainability strategy through candid conversations and collaborations.

Over the course of the day you’ll hear from our stellar speakers, spend quality time in workshops and 1:1s with your tribe.

The Hive – Who is it for?

Chiefs/Directors/Heads/Managers of Sustainability, ESG, Operations, Supply Chain, Supply, Sourcing and Technical, plus Founders, CEOs and MDs

As a Hive you’ll deep dive into:

  • Turning strategy into action – knowing where, how and why to get started on your sustainability journey
  • Collaborating with suppliers to build partnerships and strengthen sustainability credentials
  • Understanding what drives your customers and how to market sustainability to them
  • Exploring zero waste and circular economy approaches to manage the lifecycle of your products and their impact
  • Identifying opportunities to localise operations, change packaging, innovate fulfilment strategies and more to take significant action