Innovation Stage

Yasmin Topia

Yasmin Topia is the Founder and CEO of Sociate AI “The World’s Fastest Learning AI for Fashion Fashion Shopping.” Yasmin is a serial deeptech entrepreneur (previous ventures backed by Microsoft, Jaguar Landrover and Silicon Valley VCs) working with leading AI scientists, ahead of academia to create the world’s most engaging, fastest learning fashion AI for the new paradigm in online shopping. Sociate AI lets customers find their style and break fashion trends from Social Media and the Fashion World on your platform, the moment they happen, increasing sales conversions by up to 243% using the speed of AI, and eradicates the need for manual tagging or merchandising. Unlocking a true revolution in ecommerce, Sociate AI lets every single one of your customers talk to you, tell you exactly what they want and understand them-instantly combining what customers they say with personalisation data and real time fashion authority whilst ending the reliance on metadata or tags for search and discoverability.

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